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What is Zorroa

Zorroa is a project that aims to bring new and highly secure functionalities to the internet thanks to blockchain and NFT technology.

The goal is to digitize IDs and more generally cards contained in most real-life wallets such as ID cards, driver's licenses, bank cards or loyalty cards, in order to bring to the Internet features inspired by real life, but also new features.


What is blockchain ?

The blockchain is a technology that allows exchanges and actions to be realized in a decentralized way, that is to say without intermediary.

Concretely, the blockchain is a set of databases where all transactions, exchanges and actions that take place on it are stored. The blockchain is open-source (accessible to all), which allows a great traceability of transactions and a very high security.

What is an NFT ?

An NFT, is an object, represented by a unique token on the blockchain. The traceability provided by blockchain technology makes an NFT unfalsifiable, and its authenticity can be easily verified.

At Zorroa we use upgraded NFTs. These NFTs are encrypted, which keeps the data on your cards confidential. In addition, these NFTs cannot be sold or traded, which makes them similar to a new form of NFT, the Soul Bound Token (SBT).

Who has access to my data ?

Your data is encrypted on an NFT stored on the blockchain, so everyone can see that you own a Zorroa NFT, but only you can decrypt this NFT to access your data.

When you create your NFT, we have access to your data to verify that you are the owner of the card, that it is authentic, and to create the NFT. After the creation of your NFT, we delete all the data you have provided to us.

How much will Zorroa services cost ?

Zorroa's goal is to be accessible to everyone, which is why we have chosen to make services like the ID card or the driver's license completely free.

When will the project be available ?

For the moment, we are in the process of building our team, and that's why we prefer not to communicate a date yet.

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How it works

Your digital identity card is represented as an encrypted NFT, which only you can access.
The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology makes your card unique and unfalsifiable, using blockchain technology which makes it completely decentralized.

Step 1 : Identity control (KYC)

We check that you are the owner of the card, that it is authentic and that it has not already been digitized.

Step 2 : Creation of the ID Card

We digitize all the information on the ID card as an encrypted NFT.

Step 3 : Receive the ID Card on your wallet

You receive your ID Card in your wallet

Step 4 : Deciphering when in use

When you use it, the ID Card is decrypted to share the desired information.



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